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Welcome to Nature Coast Ministries!

Nature Coast Ministries is a faith-based 501(c)3 organization that seeks financial and volunteer support from the entire community. We do not pretend to hide the fact that it is our relationship with Jesus Christ that drives us. Services will be available to anyone in need, and address both the physical and spiritual needs of those we meet.

Our purpose at Nature Coast Ministries is to put forth in the community the expressed love, hope and forgiveness of Jesus Christ through actions which improve the quality of life for our citizens while respecting their inherent dignity as fellow human beings. We will do this without regard for race, gender, religion, age, marital status or station.

In 2018, Nature Coast Ministries provided 419 patient visits at the No Cost Dental Clinic. During those visits, 746 procedures (a combination of new patient evaluations, fillings and extractions) were performed. For those that wish to help, we need volunteers and donations. You can also download a free brochure to help spread the word.

Recent statistics published for 2017 show that 14% of the population of Florida have annual incomes below the poverty line, which is $12,060 for an individual. In Citrus County, where the population is 145,600, there are over 20,000 people living at or below the poverty level. Since Nature Coast Ministries’ No Cost Dental Clinic is available to those with incomes that are less than 150% of the poverty line, more than 30,000 people are estimated to qualify for our no cost dental services.

We are also working with Bayfront Health Seven Rivers and Citrus Memorial Hospital to relieve some of the overcrowding in their
Emergency Departments. We are working together to create a direct referral program whereby the No Cost Dental Clinic will set aside times each week that will be available to patients referred by the hospitals. The Clinic will take care of the cause of patient’s acute dental pain and eliminate their need to return to the Emergency Departments for the same pain over and over. This will reduce some of the overcrowding and shorten wait times for other emergency patients.

Thrift Shop Outreach

The money made in our thrift shop is used to fund our benevolent operations and also provide quality merchandise at a price that struggling families can afford. In addition, the items we receive are also used to furnish people in desperate times. We have always made a special effort to help out grandparents who are raising grandchildren, veterans who need help, single parents and their children, domestic abuse victims, and people who have lost everything due to fire or natural disaster.